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Klik On Klik Off
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Klik On Klik Off

AED$ 30 rent/day

Controlling your home just got lazier

Electricity may not be the most exciting thing on the planet (unless you've got your finger in a socket), but it is pretty essential, and also quite tedious if you're permanently on your knees, switching plugs off at the wall. Which is why the KlikOnKlikOff is so awesome. With just one touch of a button on the KlikOnKlikOff remote control, you can operate all your lights and appliances from the comfort of you chair, or even your bed if you're really chilled. Using transmitters and receivers, the KlikOnKlikOff system allows you to select number codes to choose what you want switched on or off. 

Package contains one remote control and two receivers (UK 3-pin)

Has range of 20 metres and can pass through walls and windows

Can be installed in a matter of minutes

256 different ID settings

Contact Information
Contact person: Filini
Phone no.: 97143233636
E-Mail: shop@filini.com
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