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Bentley Continental Supersports
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Bentley Continental Supersports

AED$ 5,500 rent/day

Hire a Bentley and sit in that car, you will be amazed by the beauty of the interior. This masterpiece of design Dirk van Braeckel successfully combines modern technology with classic wood, leather and aluminum. Bentley is driving a real pleasure. To feel how rapidly accumulates speed, you must take a look at the speedometer. For this car you drive on rails and 250 km Passing other cars and disappear in a few seconds on the horizon. Hier the Bentley and be chauffeured in a luxury car.

In addition to the Bentley, there are probably only a few vehicles, so are the quality and luxury. You can now even such extravagant and elegant car even drive. Rent a Bentley you can find the beste modles 2014. Experience the luxury in a Bentley. We provide only well-maintained vehicles. Ideally a Bentley, for example, for a wedding. With our Bentley hire and Bentley hire you will be guaranteed to be satisfied. Enjoy the luxury.

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